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How To Make GHB

Our team has been in the GHB manufacturing business for more than 6 years. If there’s a way to refine this substance our Lab guys have tried it and tested it! Our GHB has the highest potency possible without solidifying. It’s as strong as you can get while remaining a liquid. Just Grade-A salty soapy goodness! How To Make GHB

If you’re an experienced GHB user then you know the feeling. You won’t be disappointed with this product. If you’re trying something new here then the following info might be helpful:

GHB is known also as Fantasy, Fanta, Grievous Bodily Harm, GHB, G, G-riffic, Cherry Meth, Goop, Great Hormones at Bedtime, Liquid E, Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid X, Scoop, Soap, and Vita-G. The effects of GHB are described by Psychonautwiki —

“Cognitive euphoria – GHB produces intense states of euphoria comparable to that of cocaine, MDMA, and opiates. For this reason, it is sometimes called “liquid ecstasy”. It is commonly described as a more euphoric and disinhibiting version of alcohol.”

It has also been said that GHB increases libido, music appreciation —

“Empathy, affection, and sociability enhancement – GHB presents strong entactogenic effects which, although weaker than that of MDMA, are still prominent and well defined.” (Psychonautwiki).

Another appealing aspect of GHB is the gentle return to baseline. No nasty comedown. No getting dumped. How To Make GHB

Everyone’s tolerance is different so you should be conservative about your dosing. Experienced users of our product report that an optimal dose is 3.5 – 4.5ml. A moderate dose is 2 – 3ml. Benzos, alcohol, sedatives, and some other substances can strengthen the effects of GHB unpredictably with disastrous results and are not recommended.

How To Make GHB

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Where to Buy Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Online?

Please endeavor to add the free GHB EZ Test Kit to your shopping basket so that you can test the quality for yourself and confirm it is at least 99.98% pure. We accept returns and do offer refunds according to our return and refund policy but we do assure you 100% you won’t find yourself returning a high-quality product.

Lowers inhibitions, similar to alcohol, while boosting confidence and sociability

Heightened sense of touch and sensitivity to sensations

Some guys experience stronger erections

Intense orgasms, though this is dose-dependent

Too much GHB can induce drowsiness and pass out during sex

Gamma-Hydroxybutyric is considered a “date-rape” drug, as it increases your agreeableness to sexual activities, and decreases your ability to set and assert sexual boundaries. It is extra important to check in with partners who are on G regarding consent. Keep checking in throughout a sexual encounter. Sex with someone who is passed out can be considered sexual assault.


Beginners: 3.5ml first, then 3ml every 2 hrs

Experienced: 4.5ml, 4ml every 2 hrs