Order High PH RO Membrane Cleaner At Home| and Low PH RO Membrane Cleaner In A Bottle

high ph cleaning products

High pH Membrane Cleaner is an alkaline liquid product for cleaning contaminants like oils, organic compounds, silica scales, and biological slimes and films from RO/NF/UF membranes. High ph cleaning products. This High pH Membrane Cleaner also contains organic dispersants that help to break down colloidal clay deposits and impart better efficacy to biocides by penetrating into films. High pH Membrane Cleaner For Sale.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High pH formulation for excellent system clean up
  • Removes oil, silica scales, organic matter, and bio-foulants
  • Very effective even in low concentrations

Product Feature

  • Organic matter, colloids, microorganisms, bacteria, and the particulate matter shall be removed
  • It is suitable for aromatic polyamide reverse osmosis membranes, hollow fiber membranes, sodium filtration (NF), and ultrafiltration (UF)
  • Excellent cleaning effect can prolong the running time of the membrane Adjust the pH of the diluent to keep between 11 and 12;
  • It can effectively remove oil and organic matter from the membrane surface, and has a good effect on removing biological mucosa on the membrane surface;

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